Your Brain Is Wrong

Your Brain Is Wrong


I know it’s tough to chase your wildest dreams, build a business, change the way you’re doing everything, lose weight…

All of it.

I’ve totally been there…

Creating something from nothing…

Trying not to believe all the stuff you’ve believed about yourself and believe new things so you can be the new person you want to be…

  • 40 pounds thinner
  • a podcaster
  • a writer
  • an entrepreneur who is an amazing mom
  • meditating
  • traveler

Navigating all of these goals and dreams is hard enough…

and then throw in the mind drama of your thoughts spinning out of control with things like:

You don’t know what you’re doing
You shouldn’t even try
You need a lot more experience

These thoughts can drive you to frustration, overload, grouchiness, and comparison…

And make you want to crawl into bed and take a nap or turn on Netflix.

I’m here to tell you all that stuff your brain is telling you is total crap AND

It’s not your fault.

Our brains try to stop us in our tracks.

They perceive dreams and businesses and losing weight as lions and tiger and bears
Oh my.

There is hope!

As much as it may seem like it…

Our brains are NOT against us.

I have a three step system to help you fight that bear brain of yours so you can live the Warrior Woman life you’re meant to live.

You’ve got the skills.
Your Warrior self already exists inside you.

I’ll help you bring her into the arena where she can fight the battles she is created to conquer.

Sign up today to discover your inner Warrior Woman and how we can work together.


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