You could be skippy…

You could be skippy…

There once was a little boy who was not nice to his friend. *

His mom heard about his unkindness.

They had a conversation.

It was decided the little boy would go down the street to his friend’s house and apologize.

His mom went with him.

All the way to his friend’s house, the little boy walked…

Head down, shoulders slumped, slowly, slowly walking…

Taking as long as possible to make it down the impossibly long trip of a few houses down.

Finally, arriving to his friend’s home, he apologized.

And then…

He skipped home.

We are like this little boy sometimes…

The torture we are willing to put ourselves through is endless!

We can feel skippy in a second!

That’s the power of action and the power of Jesus to heal, to help, and to enliven.

How often do we do this in our lives?

We drag our feet to say we are sorry.

We put off the big project because it is SO BIG.

We don’t do our homework because it isn’t fun.

We don’t go to bed even though we know we should.

We avoid the healthy food.

We don’t read our scriptures.

We don’t meditate.


We drag our feet and take forever getting around to doing them.

We finally do the thing…

And then we skip through the rest of our day.

Why drag our feet?

We could be skipping.

To skipping,




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