When I don’t want to

When I don’t want to

I wanted to stay in bed this morning.

And when I got out of bed, I wanted to go back to bed.

I didn’t.

Writing was waiting for me. And I didn’t want to let the writer in me down.

Showing up for her is vital. It’s important work.

Not only because I want to write words that matter but because showing up, even when I don’t want to is when it may matter the most.

Some days it feels like I’m going through the motions.

In fact, I am just going through the motions. That’s real life. That’s the truth of what some days are.

Showing up on those days is what I agreed to.

On those days (umm…today) I’m unsure of whether inspiration will show up.

Maybe even a little bit concerned inspiration won’t show up because I’m so tired or because I’m missing my bed so much or because holding up my eyelids takes all of my effort.

Everyday isn’t always a download of pure inspiration.

Showing up everyday makes it possible for the good stuff to show it’s face.

The child in me wants what she wants. She wants to go back to bed. She wants to get more sleep. She wants to throw a little fit and say, “Why do I have to get up so early? Everyone else in the world gets to sleep! It’s so dark outside. And it’s cold.”

The grown up me, who knows there’s more to what I’m doing than losing a little sleep, keeps getting up and keeps writing.

Steven Pressfield’s words run through my mind,

“It’s not the writing part that’s hard. What’s hard is sitting down to write. What keeps us from sitting down is Resistance.”

And so I sit.

Tapping out words on my keyboard another day in a row chalks up another win for me and a loss for resistance and all the places in my brain thinking this stuff is scary.

As I sit here all kinds of things walk in the room this morning to distract me. This doesn’t usually happen. But today, the day I don’t want to write. The day I want to sleep, the distractions come at me from every direction. And yet, I don’t get up. I don’t walk away. I stay.

Keeping myself in this seat, continuing to write, not giving up.

Staying in this place of showing up for my writing, myself now, and my future self. Doing the work now for the me that’s waiting up ahead.

What do you know you need to do? What keeps stopping you?

It’s time to show up, no matter what.

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