what if it’s not true?

what if it’s not true?

In 5th grade, I loved to run!

I believed I was the fastest around.

My dad was a track runner in high school and college, so were my cousins.

I thought sure it was in my DNA to be the fastest runner.


One infamous 5th grade day…

I crossed the finish line, of the race of my life…

I beat the fastest boy in 5th grade.

Was I ecstatic?


The only words that rang in my ears were these:

Your eyes looked like they were going to pop out of your head.

Followed by laughter.

It was the last day I ran in front of anyone…

For decades.

When we are children, and through out our lives,

We learn things about ourselves…

Things we don’t question.

Things like:

•I can’t live my dreams right now
•I believe what other people think or say about me
•Other people are successful
•I’m the dumb one
•I’m too afraid to talk to people because of rejection
•I’m a failure
•Other people have it easier than me
•I struggle with the business part
•I’m not sure I have what it takes
•I may be too old for this
•Things are hard for me
•My business will never really get off the ground
•I shouldn’t want people to think I’m cool

Often we’ve had these thoughts about ourselves for many years, even decades.

Like me!

Believing I look ridiculous when I run.

Stayed with me since childhood.

We end up making decisions based on things our brain has put into its default storage area and deemed facts (I didn’t run for decades where anyone could see me).

What if you challenged these beliefs?

What if you asked yourself…

“Is this really true? What if it wasn’t true? Then what? Do I want to believe this? If not, why not? What do you want to believe?

When I asked about running, I realized…

Maybe I don’t look ridiculous when I run.
Maybe I have a great stride.
I can run whenever I want.
I like sprinting. I like running fast.

Be a watcher and observer.

Challenge your beliefs.

See what happens…

To the Warrior Woman in you,


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