Warrior Women Wisdom: Tip #2

Warrior Women Wisdom: Tip #2

Warrior Women Wisdom: Tip #2
Improving one thing by 1% a day doesn’t seem particularly notable or even noticeable.
However, when you do the math of just 1%…
One tiny little thing, done again and again and again…
The change results in a compound effect of awesomeness.
This means, 1% improvement today and tomorrow and the next day for a year equals being 37% better (or worse, depending on what you choose to do) by the end of the year.
Choose one tiny thing you could do today.
Maybe it’s saying to yourself “I love myself” five times today and tomorrow and the next day.
If you were to say “I love myself” everyday, five times a day, for the next 365 days…
Imagine how you’re going to feel about yourself one year from today!
It seems so simple…
And almost silly to do.
So we bypass it…
We don’t do it.
But what if you did start saying “I love myself” everyday?
It IS small!

•Decided to create $1 today

If you kept believing and trying to make $1 each day, eventually it will begin to compound

•Believed your life was already magical and decided to see at least one magical thing each day

Eventually, you’d begin to see more and more and more magic.

The magic would compound.

You’ve got nothing to lose and…
A compound effect of awesomeness to gain!! 🎉❤️🔥🥰👑
If you’re struggling to know what 1% thing will help you have a compound effect of awesomeness, I know exactly how to help you!
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