Warrior Women Wisdom: Tip #3

Warrior Women Wisdom: Tip #3

Warrior Wisdom #3

Make failure not a big deal, today.

Babies fall down and get back up and don’t make it mean:

“I am a failure” or…

“I don’t know what the heck I am doing” or…

“I will never be able to walk.”

They just try again. They practice and practice and practice and don’t get mad about it or how long it takes.

Babies figure they will walk when they walk.

In fact…

They don’t even know they are going to walk.

And that doesn’t bother them at all.

(It might bother their parents but babies are oblivious to when they ‘should’ walk. They just think every little thing they do is fascinating and awesome. How about we do that, too? I digress.)

Babies just have fun practicing getting up and down and up and down again and again.

One day, they are doing the next thing…

Taking a step while they hold onto the couch or someone’s finger.

Still, not making it mean they’ve succeeded or failed.

Babies just keep learning and doing the next thing.

What if you didn’t make whatever you’re working on mean anything?

It’s not failure or success.

It’s just doing the next thing.

Maybe you do it with joy.

Maybe you don’t.

Maybe you’re like one of those babies…

Beaming that you just stood up again.

Laughing when you fall down.


All in.

No frustration.

Just determination.

Mixed with the fun of believing and doing.

Thinking you accomplished something incredible when you stand up again…

All it takes is to…

Do the next thing.

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