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Are you ready to become a blazing bonfire instead of a tiny hidden flame?

You might be thinking

My life isn't what I hoped it would be by now. Nothing is turning out the way I want it to. I thought I would be more confident at this point in my life.I wish I could do more of what I want to do without feeling guilt. I've failed. I keep thinking things are going to get better. Everything is hard...

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You may wish you could

Feel on fire. Be bold and daring. Take risks. Create change in the world. Show up fiercely. Lean into your rebellious streak. Walk into a room and captivate. Call the shots without feeling like you're too much or over the top. Show up dynamically without seeming like a diva. Get stuff done. Chase your dream. Embrace adventure. Know yourself and love your weird uniqueness. Step into your strength. Light up your life.

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