Two Years Of No Movies For Matthew McConaughey

Two Years Of No Movies For Matthew McConaughey

Did you know Matthew McConaughey didn’t work in Hollywood for 2 years?

Romantic comedies were his thing until 2009.

He had a great time doing them until he realized he never got scripts for anything else.

Matthew decided ‘no more rom-coms.’

For a year he turned down every rom-com script. Even when they offered him more and more money.

With his wife, they stayed the course.

Another 10 months went by with zero offers.

No rom-com scripts.


No offers, at all.

I don’t know about you but after almost two years of no work…

I might be a wondering what comes next.
And then…

“I suddenly and unexpectedly became something, a new good idea.” -MM

The offers came in like crazy…

The Lincoln Lawyer
The Paperboy
Magic Mike

He worked on three films back to back.

During those two years of ZERO work…

He was bold.

He didn’t back down.

He didn’t second guess.

He was all in.

For two years.

A lifetime in Hollywood.

Two years of working, showing up, serving, blood, sweat, and tears…

Two years can feel like a lifetime for us, too, when we are growing our businesses…

Wondering if anything is working…

If anyone is paying attention…

If you’ve been forgotten.

No matter where you are…

Show up boldly.

Trust yourself.

When you trust your decisions you can show up in bigger and bigger ways.

Once MM was starring in the films he held out for, he got to pursue his dream script he discovered in 2007…

Dallas Buyers Club.

He believed in Ron Woodruff and knew he could bring him to the big screen.

He worked tirelessly with director, Jean-Marc, to bring it into the world.

His work won him an Oscar.

He trusted when no one else did.

He was bold when he didn’t know what would happen.

He believed even when zero offers were coming in.

If your business seems like nothing is working or nothing is happening…

Don’t give up.

Trust yourself.

Trust your decisions.

Know what you’re doing IS working.

Matthew had no idea film studios were beginning to think of him differently.

He had no evidence things were changing or that he had made the right decision.

Trust yourself.

It’s working.


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