Twin Graduations
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Twin Graduations

This week around our house has been a little bit busy…if you’ve been listening to my podcast episodes, I’m sure you’ve heard.

It’s graduation week around here for my twin girls, Miriam and Emma.

Emotions are high.

In the heat of stress, words have been said.

On top of that is still the unknown of the next several months for both of my girls.

There have been moments of shining and moments of being lost in the shadows.

The tension and feelings that come from the end of something and the uncertainty of new beginnings are palpable.

Most summers, we experience the relief of school being over and no pressures on time or worries about deadlines for the next couple of months.

The summer when college looms large ahead is…


There is freedom…

And with it there is the inevitable-ness of being challenged in a completely new way…

For everyone.

Not only will our college bound girls be living their lives away from home, doing something they’ve never done before…

But our lives will be dramatically different.

Our daily family life and dynamic will change forever.

The summer before Emmett left to college I was sad and happy.

Sad that everything would change but so excited for what was ahead for him.

I was also a little bit fearful of the unknown of having him go out into the world.

This time, I feel all of those feelings…

I have second guessed myself (like I did the first time)…

and my last 18 years of parenting these two amazing people…

there have been questions that have raced through my mind about whether I’ve completely prepared Miriam and Emma for life outside our home well enough.

This time around, I’ve caught myself (see How To Not Lose Your Mind) and not spiraled into worry, fear, discouragement over the last 18 years of parenting.

At the same time, I’ve remembered…

I’ve walked this path before with Emmett.

Things did change.

Nothing is the same now as it was when he was in our house everyday.

It is all different.

But it is awesome.

In the last four years I’ve gotten to see Emmett do incredible and awesome things.

What lies ahead is not as unknown as it was four years ago.

I know fantastic and amazing experiences are ahead for Miriam and Emma.

They will grow in new and exciting ways.

They will have experiences that will make them stronger.

Our relationship will change and parts will stay the same.

A couple of weeks ago on one of my podcast episodes I talked about the myths and truths of parenting and in an emailrecently about parents asking me when parenting will get easier.

I stand by what I said…

it doesn’t get easier or better…

even when they leave home.

It gets different.

Everything and everyone gets grown up.

Having adult children is hilarious and fun and powerful and deep and has a whole new level to it that is so different from where we’ve already been.

Life keeps changing and moving.

No matter where you’re at in your life, there is something amazing happening in it, right now.

Make sure you’re eyes and heart are open.

To being okay with different,


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