Things I Want To Do

Things I Want To Do

If you get to the end of the day, frustrated by everything you did NOT get done, This Is For You!
#1: Make a list of everything you did today. Write it down in present tense.

•Sleep in•

Chat with Mike

•Talk to Grace while we lay in my bed and she tells me her crazy, funny dreams from the night before

•Listen to church on zoom, in my pjs

•Sing songs

Include everything you can think of from today.
All the people you talked to or spent time with.
The times you scrolled social media.
Eating dinner, taking a walk, working, talking with clients, details of your BBQ today if you had one…
All of it.
#2: At the top of your list write “Things To Do Today” 
#3: Check off each item as you read it. Savor the memory and the feeling of each thing you wrote.  
Say to yourself: “Yes. I did want to do that.”
#4: Repeat each night.
#5: Notice what begins to happen to you, your perspective, and your days. 
Some things that happened for me and could happen for you too:

•At the end of my day, I feel productive, inspired, content

•During the day, I pay more attention to doing what I want to do

•I am more present and enjoy what I’m doing and who I’m with

•I realize my life is meaningful•I d things that matter to me

•I take more risks

•I help more people because I know that’s who I want to be at the end of the day
Time changes, it switches around in my head…the beginning becomes the end, the end is in the middle. Which means time feels different to me than it ever has before.

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