The Middle School Dance

The Middle School Dance

I recommitted to writing everyday.

The first day was terrible.

It looked and felt a little like middle-schoolers at their first dance.

Awkward. Uncomfortable. Unsure.

Waiting to see if inspiration was going to pick me to dance.

The second day was better.

The third day.

I couldn’t stop writing.

More ideas kept coming to me.

I couldn’t stop them.

I would get one thing written and the the next wave was already coming in.

That’s how inspiration works.

You sit down.

You show up.

It’s hard at first.

You have nothing to say.


And then inspiration realizes you’re serious.

And it starts showing up when you show up.

That’s the way it works.

I did the same with my scripture study

The first day was terrible and clunky.

The second day was better

Third day…

I was getting crazy, awesome inspiration…

Making connections so fast I could barely keep up

It’s the same when I start keeping track of what God is telling me.

Writing it down.

Acknowledging that He is, in fact, speaking to me.

At first I wonder if I’m going to get much inspiration

The inspiration comes, though, because He always wants to talk.

When I show up the next day ready to listen and record…

He is there. He is ready.

I get a flood of inspiration.

Now…the third day the gate was open when I showed up and…

it got better and better!

Isn’t that awesome?

The same principle applies with taking purposeful action…

Every action I take creates a little more momentum.

I’ve seen it happen in the lives of the women I coach.

The women who show up every week, without fail, no excuses, for their coaching sessions…

Their lives change a little bit at first…

Then they start to change exponentially.

Pretty soon, the short 7 days between each of our sessions, become more and more exciting, enlivening, empowering, and joyful for them.


Is that what you want?

Show up for inspiration.

You won’t regret it.

Your life will get better.

You’ll begin living the inspired life you’ve been wanting to live.

That’s what we all want, right?

Show up.

What have you been putting off?

Do it right now.

Today is THE day.

Today is YOUR day.

To enlivened, empowered lives for us all,


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