Do you wish you could wake up everyday feeling awesome?

Let’s make it happen!

Self-doubt, criticism, insecurity, and comparison seem to be hiding around every corner.

Every person has experienced it.

Including me!

I’ve come up with some tools and practices that keep all of those things at bay and, when they do come around…

because they always will,

they don’t stay as long because…

I know I have a bunch of tools I automatically use now to get back to being confident!

I want to share my Confidence Kit with you!

The Confidence Kit is:

A fun and powerful pep talk from Davina getting you pumped up about your awesomeness, some solid confidence practices you can do today and then continue practicing, and inspired posters and cards to guide your daily habits.

What’s inside?

•Energize with a pep talk from Davina in a beautiful PDF
•Practice 10 Confidence Boosting actions TODAY
•Listen to Davina get you excited with an audio version of the PDF if you’d rather listen while you’re on the go
•Print a fun poster of the 10 Confidence Boosting Actions
•Stay fresh and on track by printing out useful and helpful Confidence Cards
•Be inspired and reminded of your awesomeness with Confidence Quotes to print and hang on your mirror

Only $7

note: this kit is an all digital download