The book that changed everything for me…

The book that changed everything for me…

Years ago, I discovered a book…

It changed my world…

Has a book changed your world?

As a young entrepreneur and business owner…

For months I had been looking at all the other photographers.

They were taking pictures of couples against colorful walls.

All the photos looked the same, only the faces changed.

When I began photographing, I knew I wanted to do something more and different.

I wanted my photographs to SAY something…

And not the same thing every time.

Questions ran around in my mind…

How could I say something valuable and meaningful for my clients through their photos?

The answers were out there.

They had to be.


One night, on a date with my husband, we were both sitting in the squishy chairs in Barnes and Noble…

(Long before Amazon was the king of book sellers.)

I picked up a red book and was immediately drawn to it because…

it was totally different.

It spoke to me because…

I wanted to be totally different.

Are you the same way?

Every page spoke my language.

My inspiration muscles were going crazy…

My brain was lighting up all over the place.

A huge bright lightbulb began flashing over my head.

I knew what I needed to do.

Lovemarks author, Kevin Roberts, wrote about connecting with my clients/customers.

He said:

Ask them questions, you need to get to know them, you need to find out their story, you need to be interested in their opinion.

I was thinking:

I am totally interested in all of those things!

I love asking the deeper questions!

It’s one of my favorite things about working with people…

Discovering all of those things!

It would be so cool to bring that into my photo sessions somehow!

That night, my idea for the Get To Know You Questionnaire was born.

It was the catalyst for my photography becoming completely and totally unique, real, and awesome in the wedding photography industry.

Once photographers saw my images…

After I began implementing my GTKY questionnaire, they saw the difference in my sessions and photos…

They were amazed!

Immediately, they connected with the stories I was telling.

Because who doesn’t love a good story, right?

They saw the stories of my couples and they wanted to tell stories, too.

Photographers from all over the world wanted to know what I was doing.

Eventually, I sold hundreds and hundreds of those GTKY questionnaire kits to other photographers.

In my photos they saw…

When my clients said they went boating every weekend together I didn’t take a posed photo of them in their boat….

We actually went out on the lake.

My clients asked me, “what should we wear?”

I said…

Wear whatever you wear when you go boating.

We are going out for the next two hours and actually boating.

Doesn’t that sound more fun than getting dressed up and posing for a camera?

Gone was the perfectly put together outfit and the hours at the hair stylist getting a blow out.

I got to see the real laughs, the hair flying in the wind, when one of them almost fell out of the boat…

There were photos of them hanging out in the middle of the lake while they ate lunch and jumped off the back of the boat and did flips while they water skied….

Them standing together at the steering wheel while they flew around the lake….

The funny looks they gave each other when they teased one another, out there away from everyone else.

All the real stuff…

All the stuff that makes a couple’s story completely theirs…they had an experience out their on the lake that day…

And pictures to show how awesome they are together…even when they get lost…

Maybe especially when they get lost.

These are the things I live for…

This is why I created the questionnaire…so I could be there for those moments, seeing the things that made them a couple.

No matter what company I own or start…

Your story matters to me.

It’s why I’m always asking you questions.

It’s why I’m now asking you questions about Warrior Women.

It’s important to me to know what matters to you.

In huge part because I think we have things that tie us together.

You and me…

We are on similar journeys.

And in big ways, there are threads that run between us no matter where you are in your story.

Your story matters to me.

The dreams you’re realizing and the ones you haven’t yet…

They all matter.

Who you really are…

It’s important.


To the questions,


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