Thank you! (from Future Davina)

Thank you! (from Future Davina)

Yesterday, I was thinking about you.

Warrior Women is in it’s birth/infancy stage right now.

And you are here for it.

Thank you!

I have a friend who’s business is in its growing up stage…maybe like teen business stage. haha!

She is reaching so many people and changing lives like crazy.

So many of her loyal people write to her and say things like:

“You are amazing! I’ve been here and following you since before you started this!”


“I’m so blown away that what you’ve created has become so huge. I was here when you first started!”

I want to say to you, DavinaTHANK YOU!

You are here at the beginning of Warrior Women.

Someday in the future we are going to be reminiscing when Warrior Women has taken the world by storm and I’ll be saying to you…

Remember how you were there at the beginning?

Remember how you saw me fumbling through trying to figure out who Warrior Women was for and what it needed to be and what it would mean?

Remember when you were there when the logo launched and for that very first webinar?

Remember how you believed in Warrior Women from the very first email?

I want to give you this message from me, the 5 years in the future version of me, when Warrior Women is changing lives all over the world….

THANK YOU!! Thank you for believing. Thank you for being the roots and branches.

Thank you for being patient.

Thank you for writing me notes of encouragement, listening to the podcast, opening these emails…

Every little thing you’re doing to help me build Warrior Women matters to me.

Thank you.

From the years ahead, thank you.

To five years from now,


PS Do you know someone who wants to give up…send this message to them!

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