There’s a story about a small village in Africa where, each Christmas Eve, no one gives gifts. Instead all of the villagers bring their conflicts to their leaders that haven’t been resolved. The leaders spend the entire Christmas Eve day working with people to achieve harmony. It’s the requirement before entering into Christmas day to celebrate the birth of Christ…the King of Peace.

Wouldn’t that be amazing?? To clear the air with everyone you know and start each year fresh and free of conflict!

Most people start off the new year with a list of goals and things they want to change or do before 2019 is over.

When I heard this story it made me want to start the New Year by forgiving everyone and resolving any conflicts that remained in my life.

You’ve heard me talk a lot about repentance. Repentance is an incredibly powerful healer and is an amazing beginning to inspiration and action.

In the last few weeks, I’ve come to realize the importance of first, forgiving everyone you can think of before repenting.

  • Saying:
    * I forgive the guy who cut me off in traffic.
    * I forgive my son for not listening when I asked him to feed the dog.
    * I forgive my daughter for pretending to not hear me when I asked her if she had homework.
    * I forgive my spouse for not reading my mind earlier today when I wanted them to get dinner started.
    * I forgive myself for not getting done what I had on my list.
    * I forgive myself for comparing myself to others when I was talking to my friend.

I know these sound like little things. Maybe things you don’t think need forgiveness. There’s something magical and healing that happens, though, when you speak those words out loud.

No matter how tiny the sleight may have felt in the moment or how big the frustration may have been, there’s a melting away and letting go that takes its place. I invite you to try it.

Forgiveness everyday, of yourself and others is imperative to growth and compassion.

Forgiving yourself keeps you from getting stuck, depressed, and overwhelmed.

Forgiveness gives you perspective.

Forgiveness frees you to love and be loved.

Forgiveness allows you to move forward being yourself and trusting that you’ll give yourself grace.

Forgiveness helps you to see yourself, others, God, and the world in a new, more open, and grace filled way.

There is confidence in forgiveness.

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To forgiveness in 2019,



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