surface friendships

surface friendships

One of THE most surprising revelations I had as I interviewed women about every aspect of their lives was this…

A large percentage of women felt like they had very surface relationships with other women. (I have a solution to this! Make sure to read to the bottom!)

Conversations that didn’t go into depth about personal struggles but stayed in the shallow end of the pool…

Mostly, only talking about how busy they were, how their kids were doing, logistics of life and how there is never enough time or money.

In the work place, women said the conversation was mostly about shoes, clothes, shopping and what people did on the weekend.

I know this sounds like the movies…

But the stories in movies had a starting place.

The women I talked to felt like they were just as guilty of being the person keeping it on the surface because they didn’t know exactly how to go deeper or who to go deeper with…

Wishing they had the time and energy to put into being in the friendships they wish they had.

I have a feeling all of us have been in friendships where they seemed to stay on the surface.

I’ve experienced this, too.

I’ve wanted deeper relationships and friendships.

These research results are one of the reasons I created the Warrior Women 21 Day Challenge!

Women want to create deeper friendships…ones where they can talk about dreams and goals and struggles but aren’t sure of how to make it happen with their friends.

The Warrior Women 21 Day Challenge is here!

Invite your friends to join, help each other along the way, text each other about the challenge each day, share your struggles and cheer each other to the finish line.

In the past, when I’ve united with friends in challenges it’s helped us to go deeper in our friendship.

We see each other in a new light and get to support one another in our struggles and triumphs.

It’s powerful and fun!

That’s why I’ve created a super awesome way for you to invite your friends and support each other.

If you have friends that would love this challenge, you can REFER 3 FRIENDS and GET YOUR ENTRY FEE PAID back to you!!!

Sign up for the challenge by clicking the link below or CLICK HERE.

Once you’ve registered yourself for the challenge, you’ll receive all the information you need and receive your own personal link to begin sharing with your friends.

To the Warrior Woman in you,


PS If you’d like to deepen your friendships, sign up for the Warrior Women 21 Day Challenge, then invite your friends to come along with you! Once you are registered, you’ll get your own unique link to give your friends. Register for the challenge HERE.

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