Spiritual creation then physical creation

Spiritual creation then physical creation

You are more powerful than you think you are.

So am I.

I’ve been reading a book this week.

This is the message…

My brain and my heart, working together can do incredible things.

Being of one heart and one mind…

With all your heart, mind, and soul…

Combining thoughts with feelings, imagining ourselves, our lives, our world as if what we dream has already happened…

Looking ahead to the place where you’ve already become the person who is living your dream…

What is she thinking?

What is she feeling?

Memorize those thoughts and those feelings.

Practice thinking those thoughts and feeling those feelings everyday.

This is where miracles occur.

Your brain creates this truth as if it’s already happened.

God created the world by dreaming, imagining, speaking creation.

You are a divine being. You are a child of God. This is your spiritual DNA.

Speak, dream, imagine your creation.

I’ve seen this in my own life.

I imagined what I would look like having lost over 30 pounds…

I dreamed of being a Certified Coach through the Life Coach School…

I envisioned helping 500 women…

Each of these has or is currently happening.

There is nothing you can’t do when you combine your mind and heart.

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To the Warrior Woman in you,


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