Spartan UP!

Spartan UP!


I’m going to be in Los Angeles at The Spartan Race this weekend!

You may be asking…

Have you ever done a Spartan Race?

The answer:

A resounding NO!

I’m in a coaching program where we have learned…in a very hands on way…

That “obstacles make me stronger!” (OMMS for short)

Not only do we remind ourselves of this on the daily but we are also willing to PAY for our obstacles…

By signing up for a Spartan Race in LA.

If you haven’t heard me say it yet…

Or you missed the podcast episodes (here are two of them: Daily 1% x 53Daily 1% x 41) where I talk about challenges being awesome (bring them on)…

Or you’ve just joined the Thursday emails party…

Embracing obstacles, instead of thinking there’s something wrong with you if you encounter them, is hugely liberating.

For ages, years…decades even…

I thought my struggles (obstacles) with money or trying to be on time or even managing my time meant there was something wrong with me…

I thought I was defective in my ability to figure out money and time.

That’s what I used to think.

“What’s wrong with us? Why can’t we figure this stuff out?” I would ask Mike (my husband).

(probably in a sort of whiney, frustrated, ‘whoa-is-me’ voice or a mad, it’s not fair kind of voice, or a what the heck? attitude…you get the picture…all from a victim-y kind of locale)

And then I realized…

Hey! This is an obstacle that could make me stronger.

I could totally own this problem!

I could get some skills and abilities I don’t have right now!

This could make me a stronger person.

When I started looking at it that way…

Suddenly, resources appeared (that had probably been there all along, I just hadn’t been seeing them).

I began thinking differently.

I started saying, “Bring it ON! I can totally do this!”

Do you have some hard stuff going on in your life?

I would bet you do.

You’re human after all, right?

I’m here to tell you,


To own that stuff!

You’ve got what it takes to conquer that struggle.

You are a Warrior who can make incredible things happen with out thinking it’s got to be fair…

Without thinking this shouldn’t be happening to me…

Without thinking it all should be easier.

Because, guess what?

You get the chance to be stronger.

You get to show up in the world as a Warrior Woman (or whoever you want!!) when it comes to getting through challenging stuff.

I totally believe in you!

Imagine how different your life would be if you started seeing all those big, overwhelming things you’ve got going on as opportunities….

Chances to be the best, strongest version of yourself.

I imagined my enlivened, stronger, warrior, on fire, awesome version of myself almost two years ago…

It changed my life.

• I lost over 30 pounds.

• I got stronger and leaner than I’ve ever been in my life.

• I went down 5 clothes sizes and lost a bunch of inches.

• I quit social media (except FB messenger).

• I began writing everyday.

• I created a podcast where I post four episodes a week.

• My relationship with God has exponentially grown.

• My mind has gotten cleaned up in the way I talk to myself.

• I show up doing scary stuff everyday.

• I’m certifying in TWO year-long coaching programs right now. And graduating from one of them this weekend.

• I’m creating Warrior Women (big announcement NEXT WEEK. I’m so excited!)


I’m heading to a Spartan Race.

One of many things I had no idea I was capable or was even a thought in my mind two years ago!!

What if…

You could do all of these things, too?

What if…

• You could lose 30 pounds? Or more?

• You could quit social media?

• You could create something amazing and put it out into the world?

• You could know God like you never have before?

• You could believe you are awesome?

• You could do super scary stuff and stop hiding out?

• You could show up as your true, incredible, warrior self?

What would your life look like?

Who could you be???

What kind of difference could you make for yourself?

Your family?

In your business?

I’m telling you all of this because…

You, too, COULD do things you don’t even know you can do!!!!!

You COULD do things you haven’t even considered yet!

The same types of AWESOMENESS are totally available to you!

Decide obstacles are your friends.

Decide that whatever you’re currently going through is a chance to get stronger…

Take responsibility for every choice, every thought, every action of your life.

All of these things are…

A chance to show up in the world as the YOU you’re meant to be!

You can do it.

You can be a Warrior Woman.

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