Sleeping for a semester

Sleeping for a semester

The buzzing alarm, at a frequency that jolts me awake, immediately makes me annoyed.

It’s not my alarm. I’m not supposed to be awake for another hour.

I get out of bed, tell the person their alarm has been going off. They get up, hit snooze.

Nine minutes later, the alarm sounds again.

I lay awake, praying they will hear blaring noise I can hear from another room away.

Nothing. The alarm keeps piercing through the darkness.

It is now 5:13am.

Now, wide awake. I walk quickly to their room, tell them their alarm has been going off for several minutes.

They get up groggily not really awake and hit snooze again.

This scene repeats three more times before the person gets out of bed and starts their day.

I’m relieved when, at 5:50am, I can have a peaceful 20 minutes of sleep before MY alarm is set to go off.

This has been my Groundhog Day every morning.

You may be thinking, I would never let that happen!

Believe me when I say, we have had many conversations about what to do to solve this problem!

Discussions have been had in the light of day, at dinner time, as reminders at bed time. Ideas have been brainstormed. Possible solutions tried.

Nothing has worked.

Everyone in my family, except me, sleeps like a rock. They could sleep through anything.

Me? I sleep through nothing.

Through out the years, once everyone is off to school, I would go back to bed to retrieve my missed sleep, for an hour if possible, and then get my day started.

For the past semester, I’ve taught early morning seminary at 7am. My day has begun; there’s no going back to retrieve the hour of sleep.

With the new semester that just started, when the exact same scenario played out again the second day back to school, I was not happy.

We had a conversation about what to do. The conversation ended with neither of us happy with the possible solutions.

As I closed up the house and turned off lights to go up to bed, I realized I was making this situation about other people. I was allowing an external circumstance to affect my waking hours.

I wasn’t looking at myself.

Suddenly, I knew I needed to get up a 5am. Mind you, early morning is not my thing.

One of the things I looked forward to least when I began teaching seminary was the prospect of having to get up at 6am to teach.

In the instant I realized I was meant to get up at 5am I heard Heavenly Father whisper to me, “Why do you think I’ve been waking up so early every morning for so long? I need you to get up and write. I think you know that, too.”

When I went upstairs to say goodnight to my girls one of them said, “I’m sorry for getting bugged, Mom, I’m going to set my alarm for 5:40 and really try to wake up to my alarm, the first time, tomorrow morning.”

We forgave each other and hugged goodnight.

This whole alarm thing has something in it the Lord is teaching her.

She’s not the only one, though. There’s also been something it in for me to learn.

I heard His words to me.

I set my alarm for 5am.

Now, I write every morning.

If you’ve been having struggling with feeling stuck or in confusion or not confident in the next step for you, consider looking not at external circumstances but at yourself. What could YOU do to change things?

Life is too short to not live confidently and with purpose. If you’d like to get unstuck and live more fully and meaningfully. I’d love to help. I’ll be launching my Confidence Calls soon. Sign up HERE.

To taking the action that is calling out to us,


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