questions my brain keeps asking me

questions my brain keeps asking me

My brain has asked me lots of questions that I’ve left unanswered in the past.

I don’t know who I thought was going to answer the questions.

I hoped someone would.

I asked questions like:

Am I good enough?

I didn’t answer that question. I wanted an answer though.

Who the heck did I think was going to give me the answer?

Who was the person to answer the question the way I wanted them to answer it?

If someone answered it, was it going to be a good enough answer for me?

Was it going to be the right answer? Was I going to be convinced they knew what they were talking about?

Here’s my own answer to all of these questions…

Yes. I am good enough.

Yes. For a long time I wanted someone else to answer all these questions my brain kept asking me.

I wanted someone else to tell me I was enough.

In fact, even now, there are times I find myself asking that question again, hoping someone else will answer.

Then I remember…

I have to answer my own brain’s questions.

No one else will answer them as well as I will.

Why? Because all the wisdom I need is already inside me. Already put there by my Heavenly Parents.

I am the only person who can answer questions like these to my satisfaction.

No one else can tell me I am enough, except me.

When I answer my own brain’s questions, I tap into divinity. I tap into that part of me that is connected to God.

It’s the part of my brain that’s aware, inspired, alive…

Stops living on default…

Stops leaving questions unanswered.

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To the Warrior Woman in you,


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