Piled on Crap

Piled on Crap

I don’t know about you but sometimes it seems like disappointments pile on top of disappointments.

Stuff starts to feel like a pile of crap.

The things you thought would work out with persistence, don’t.

Efforts to talk to a new person who might have good news for you don’t pan out.

You try to look for a silver lining but it’s not showing up.

This week we had several more NOs in our life. Things we had hoped for. Things we thought sure would work out for us.

They didn’t.

This morning as I stood in my closet, in front of my vision board, trying to let go of disappointment and frustration, and repented of the aforementioned things and meditated and prayed I was thinking about the goodness of God.

Into my mind the thought came, Why are you not trusting me?

What if there is something better than you can comprehend is around the corner or up ahead?

Immediately, it opened my mind up to some of the coolest options I could think of…

most of them seemed crazy.

I couldn’t see how they could possibly work within the limitations of our current circumstances.

But it made me realize…

I’m thinking of some pretty awesome things.

They seem impossible.

But that I can think them makes them possible.

And God can do, arrange, work out, make possible, create, plan, resolve, develop, figure out anything in my life and yours for our benefit.

No matter how out there or ridiculous something might seem to me.

It’s all doable to him.

And He will make it all for our good.

I’m counting on that now that He reminded me.

If you’re wondering when the disappointment is going to end or how all the craziness in your life is going to turn out, remember this…

God knows you. He’s got your back. He is for you. And it will all turn out better than you think it is going to right now.

Keep on keeping on.

Don’t give up.

Don’t stop believing.

Show up.

Do your best.


All the things your mom told you…

All the cliches you can think of to keep you going…do them.

They are cliches because there’s truth to them. And they’ve worked for other people.

Let them work for you.

Hold on, the light will come.

Keep the faith.

All is well.

To knowing He’s got out back,


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