Over Thinker, this is for you…

Over Thinker, this is for you…

Several weeks ago, I was feeling bummed out.

I was frustrated.

I was trying to figure out several things in my life and business.

I was so in my head all the time.

Have you been an over thinker, like me, at times?

When I would go for my walks, I would put my headphones in my ears and I would listen to podcasts, scriptures, affirmations.

Constant inputs.

Constant brain churning.

Have you ever been sitting at a computer for a really long time?

Thinking, processing, figuring stuff out, working through things, writing on your computer,

Gotten up and felt kind of out of it, disoriented, like something wasn’t quite right.

This is how I was feeling.

Joe Dispenza says this:

“just as thoughts are the language of the brain, feelings are the language of the body and how you think and how you feel create a state of being. A state of being is when your mind and body are working together. So your present state of being is your genuine mind, body connection.”

When you get up from your computer after you’ve been thinking, and you’re been in your brain so much, you don’t feel quite right because your mind and body are not connected.

God says to be of one heart and one mind.

If the heart equals the body (feeling) and the mind equals thoughts…

What if when God says to be of one mind and one heart, it’s not always about in terms of community?

What if this means unity in your own body…connecting your own heart, body and mind?

Find out more, listen to this week’s podcast episode, “Connecting Mind and Body.”

To the Warrior Woman in you,


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