My brain told me not to send you this email

My brain told me not to send you this email

I sent this to you Saturday. I’m sending it to you today in case you missed it. I wanted to make sure you saw it…

Mountain hiking at 8am this morning.

This is the one thing Grace wanted to do today.

We hiked up steep mountain trails.

333 steep steps at the very top.

Hiking a mountain first thing in the morning isn’t easy.

There’s the waking up part…

The getting out of your warm bed part.

The putting on the hiking clothes part.

The not deciding not to go part.

The going out in the 30 degree weather part. (don’t make fun of us here in South Carolina…it’s cold when the humid wind blows!)

The getting in the car part.

The driving 20-30 minutes to the mountain part.

And that’s all before you even touch your toe to the trail.

When we heaved ourselves up that last stair and saw what was waiting for us…

It was breathtaking. (we were also out of breath)

A little strip of colorful orange and pink and yellow and blue light danced along the horizon.

Clouds were low so the light shimmered there in the distance in a gorgeous line of light…

Hovering there.

Watching for us.

Knowing Grace was wanting to see exactly that little bit of sky.

Rewarding all of us for having conquered not just the mountain but our minds along the way.

Yesterday, I was talking with someone about Warrior Women Coaching…

They were amazed at everything I’ve created…

She listed everything she had seen me do…

Over 150 podcast episodes in less than 8 months AND launched the Warrior Women movement…

With it’s beautiful and powerful branding and website and webinar

And so much more.

She said, “How did you do it, Davina? I have to know!”

I told her, “I have been mastering my mind. One thought at a time. One little thing, one day at a time.”

When you start with your mind, everything else falls into place.

When you start with WHO you are, it changes everything in your life.

I know that sounds simplistic.

I don’t mean it to be.

Because it takes work.

It takes effort.

It’s not something everyone is ready to do.

Let me tell you this…

Today, I’ve had my brain tell me 100+ times not to send you this email…

*It’s been sending me thoughts like…

It’s a Saturday, no one reads emails on Saturday.
You’ve already worked so hard.
This is not that big a deal.
You can miss a day.

And I have said to my brain…

“Thank you, brain. Aren’t you cute? You are attempting to keep me safe. Thank you for trying to find ways to watch out for me….

I appreciate you.

But I’m still going to move forward.

I’m not listening to you try to talk me out of this.

I will not die if I send out this email.

Everything will be okay.

I know you’re being normal. You’re doing what normal brains do. Thank you.

I don’t want to be normal though.”

And so…

Here I am, on a Saturday afternoon.

Sending you this email.

I want my dreams not my drama.

Normal people live their lives on their default part of their brain.

Normal people don’t sign up for coaching.

Normal people think they have enough information in their lives.

Normal people play it safe.

I have a feeling, because you keep reading my emails…

That you aren’t normal.

You are done playing it safe.

You are done with information.

You are done doing things the normal way.

You are done living on default.

You are done listening to your (awesome but) safe part of your brain.

If you are one of the crazy ones who is done with normal…

Sign up for Warrior Women Coaching.

Your time has come to be a Warrior.

To living the ‘not-so-safe’ Warrior Adventure,


PS Have you signed up for Warrior Women Coaching? SIGN UP TODAY, time is running out and then send it to your friends.

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