Monday mornings: Do you sometimes dread them?

Monday mornings: Do you sometimes dread them?

Do you dread Monday morning? 😟
I did this morning.
Over the weekend, I was pumped for Monday to get here.
I had a million ideas for my business and for Warrior Women.
I couldn’t wait until Monday got here so I could start making them happen.
Until Monday got here.
Monday morning arrived today and I was overwhelmed.
I didn’t want to do any of my ideas.
They all seemed like bad ideas.
I wanted to stay in bed.
What the heck happened?
My brain freaked out. That’s what happened.
Does this sound familiar to you?
Tell me I’m not the only one who has experienced this.
All of my ideas were awesome to my brain until…
It was time to DO my ideas.
Then my brain was like:
“WHOA, Nellie!
These are terrible ideas.
I liked these ideas while they were ideas.
They were safe and fun and not scary.
As long as they were ideas, you were being the same you always were.
Now, you’re talking about DOING these ideas…
This sounds uncomfortable, scary, and what will people say?
And what if these ideas are dumb?”
Brains like to give us all these thoughts.
Because they’ve worked in the past to keep us right where we are…
No pain and in a place that seems more fun than putting ourselves out there.
This is totally normal. It’s exactly what every brain wants.
Yours and mine.
Today, I said to my brain,
“Thank you, wonderful brain. I appreciate you wanting to help me out. You can freak out. That’s totally okay and normal for you to do. I’m not judging you. I’m grateful for you.
But here’s the thing, awesome brain, I’m going to fear less and be daring today.
You can freak out the whole time. I’m doing this anyway.”
I got to work.
The more I accepted and allowed my brain to do what it does and told it, it’s okay to freak out.
The more brave I got.
If this 👆 little ‘brain talk’ helps you, you’re welcome to borrow it and have this talk with your brain, too.
Let’s get out there and fear less and dare more. Today. 👊😄

Ready to teach your brain some new tricks when it comes to making things happen in your business and life?

Would you like to stop dreading Monday mornings?
Would you like to stop getting stuck?
Would  you like to make bigger strides toward your goals?
It’s time to set up a consultation with me and get clear on where you’re at right now, where you want to be, why what you’re doing right now isn’t working, and a map to get from here to there.

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