Mom Guilt

Mom Guilt

Anyone experience mom guilt when it comes to being a mom and business owner?

And beat yourself up over it?

I’m going to share something I shared someone else:

It’s tough when so many of our thoughts make us doubt ourselves and the way we are spending our time and who we are being, right?

I hear you. I’ve totally been there.

Someone a long time ago told me this:

My kids don’t benefit from my guilt. Me feeling bad about leaving them and going to work (in or out of the house) doesn’t help them or me.

This was mind blowing to me at first.

But then I began to see how sad my kids were when I would leave (or say I needed to go work in my home studio office) because I was feeling bad about leaving.

Then when I would come home, they would feel bad about telling me how much fun they had without me.

I started realizing I was doing the same thing.

I wasn’t telling them how much I loved my work or all the fun things I was doing there that I loved doing.

I started telling them how much I loved my work and how lucky we were that all of us got to do things we liked doing all day AND…

we got to hang out with the people we loved the most at the end of the day and tell each other about our adventures.

It changed everything for all of us once I stated owning how much I loved my work.

It gave everyone else permission to love their work. The guilt left for me and as a by-product, left for other people too.

In the every season I reminded myself that I could enjoy this time and be all in and I could enjoy the not so busy times and be all in for those too.

I could feel all the feelings of both.

And let go of the guilt. Forever.

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To the Warrior Woman in you,


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