I’ve been doing FB lives for weeks! Did you know I’ve been back on Facebook?

I’ve been doing FB lives for weeks! Did you know I’ve been back on Facebook?

I’ve been doing a FB live over on Facebook every weekday for several weeks…

(if you’re on Instagramget ready…I’m making a comeback there very soon, too.. @warrior.women.movement )…

You may have heard my story about leaving Facebook but you may not have heard that I returned to the platform over two months ago now.



It’s true.

I’ve learned a lot of things since I came back…
1. There’s no way to not compare myself to other people, it’s something every human brain does, it’s what brains are made to do, and it’s okay.

  1.  There’s nothing wrong with me if I compare.
  2. (I think the lie that we aren’t supposed to compare or judge is making us all feel terrible…it’s scientifically proven that his is what are brains are designed and meant to do)
  3. Nothing has gone wrong.
  4. I get to decide what to make the comparing mean.
  5. I choose my stories.
  6.  Deciding to be a creator instead of a consumer has helped me stay focused on why I enjoy social media.

I learned how to be more compassionate with myself…

trust myself and gifts, not beat myself up…

understand my brain and why it goes into spiral mode on social media and…

be confident even when I’m on social media.

I did all of this with the tools I teach in the Warrior Women 21 Day Challenge.

Come take the True You Quiz, Create your Future You Portrait and so much more in only 10 minutes or less a day.

One of my Warrior Women said…

“My thoughts have turned from “I wish I could” to “I can…I’m totally capable of anything.”

Come join us…
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To the Warrior Woman in you,


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