It’s okay if today isn’t hunky dory

It’s okay if today isn’t hunky dory

I was talking with my life coach this morning.

After getting on the scale and seeing that I had gained 6 pounds for the first time in two years…

I was angry and wanting to hide out completely from the world.

Disappointed in myself, the last thing I wanted to do was get on a call with my coach I meet with every week.

I was thinking, “Have I been tricking myself into believing I’m weathering this pandemic well?”

Am I eating my feelings?

What is happening?

What I was reminded of again, by my coach, was this…

Sometimes, you feel a mess.

Your thoughts are crazy.

And that can be totally okay. You don’t have to fight it.

Nothing has gone wrong.

Fighting it usually makes it worse and makes it last longer.

What if you just let yourself feel like a mess today?

As crazy as it sounds, it totally worked.

The moment I said: “Davina, it’s okay. Life is 50/50. Today is the other side of 50/50. No big deal.

This isn’t permanent.

Allow it.

Accept it.

No need to resist it. You can just feel it.”

And so I did. And I have.

Suddenly, it didn’t feel so bad or so hard.

This is the power of a coach.

If you’re feeling like you need someone to talk to, I’m here for you.

We are all human.

Every single person can benefit from working with a life coach, someone who is certified in helping you see what your brain is blocking you from seeing. Even a certified coach, like me.

There are three ways you can coach with me:
One to One: private coaching on exactly what you need coaching on right now
Group Coaching: weekly teaching and weekly coaching with our amazing Mastermind group
Warrior Women 21 Day Challenge: 21 days of challenges that will get you seeing your life and doing things in whole new exciting way

It’s okay if you don’t think everything is hunky dory today.

To accepting, instead of resisting, the 50/50,


PS If you are overwhelmed, frustrated, or tired of being frustrated all day long, I can help! Sign up now for a FREE 20 minute coaching session. You’ll get hope, confidence, and next steps on your goals!

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