It’s all working out for you

It’s all working out for you

A long boarding accident. Stitches.

Lost college scholarship essay to the interwebs never to be seen again.

No one signing up for our Hogwarts Camp the day registration opened.

So many things can seem to go wrong in ONE day.

To our eyes, it seemed like everything was against us.
We woke up the next day and knew that no matter what happened, everything would turn for our good.

Over the weeks that followed, things worked out, one by one.

People registered for Hogwarts Camp.

Grace healed miraculously well.

A scholarship came in a very unexpected way.

No matter what your day is like today, know that all of it will turn for your good, in some way.

It’s the way life works.

It’s what God promises.

To the Warrior Woman in you,


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