Is summer already making you wish school was back in?

Is summer already making you wish school was back in?

Are you part way through the summer and wondering if you’ll ever hit your groove?

Or skeptical there will ever again be any semblance of order to your life?

Kids are everywhere.

Schedules have gone bonkers. Or more likely the lack thereof are about to make you crazy.

What if you chose ONE thing you could do to regain some sanity?

What if you could do one thing to put order to the chaos?

Maybe you wish your kids would wake up earlier or not stay up so late (you can tell I have teenagers).

Or that they would stop leaving messes all over the entire house, complete with lego pieces and play dough drying out on the counter.

Let’s not think about what you want THEM to do.

Let’s think about you.

What’s the one thing you could do for yourself, personally, to regain some order for YOU.

What would that look like?

Is it getting up a little earlier to take some time to breathe or pray?

Would you go for a walk in the evening?

Would you institute a quiet time in the afternoon for the whole house so you can take a little nap? Or read a book in comfort and silence?

Plan one fun thing a day for everyone to do?

Carve out 30 minutes a day to get the project done you want to do?

Choose one thing, you could do for you.

Decide what you’ll do to give yourself a little bit of order in the middle of the freewheeling summer.

In the midst of it all…

Stop saying everyone or everything is making you crazy.

Pay attention to your words.

You are creating your summer with you words.

What kind of summer do you want to create?

How DO you want it to feel?

Speak that kind of summer into existence instead of the one you don’t want.

You have the power to make this your best summer.

We can do this! I believe in you! I believe in us!

To creating summer with our words and our actions,


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