I’m a life coach

I’m a life coach

In case you’ve not heard…

I’m a certified life coach!

Two years ago, I was struggling.

I was 40 pounds overweight.

I worked non-stop and didn’t feel like I was making an impact in my own life.

I knew I was meant for something better on every level.

On an overcast January day in 2018, I got a glimpse of what was possible for me in my life.

Since that day over two years ago so much has happened! I …

  • Lost almost 40 pounds
  • Cultivate a daily relationship with God
  •  Created a podcast with over 200 episodes
  • Certified with TWO life coaching schools
  • Founded Warrior Women
  • Ran a Spartan Race
  • and so much more!

You may look at this list and think…

What?!? There is no way I can do all that stuff.

Davina is special.

The thing is, I’m no one special.

Anyone can do what I’ve done.

What I learned is this, there are three simple steps…

  1. Believe in what’s possible for you
  2. Take one tiny step everyday
  3. Observe your brain

That’s it!

I’ve been where you are…

  • Discouraged, frustrated.
  •  On a hamster wheel.
  • Overwhelmed by my life.
  • Confused and unsure of what the next step is.
  • Wondering if I’m being selfish because I want to create something in addition to being a mom.
  • Crying silently on my pillow wondering if I’m making every wrong decision in the book.

I wanted something different.

I began doing these three simple steps.

I began seeing awesome results

If you’re not achieving your goals, it’s likely because are not doing these three things.

Because you don’t believe in yourself you get stuck and overwhelmed.

And then you do nothing.

Here’s the thing, though…

The stronger your belief gets, the more things in your life will begin to change and transform…

This is possible for you.

To possibility,


PS If you are overwhelmed, frustrated, or not making progress on your goals, I can help! Sign up now for a FREE 20 minute coaching session. You’ll get hope, confidence, and next steps on your goals!

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