If you work like crazy but seem to make no progress…

If you work like crazy but seem to make no progress…


I’ve been really good at being in action.

Make a list.

Do the list.

Often, my list was not humanly possible to accomplish.

Does your list like that, too?

My line of thinking was:

There are 20 things on this list, which I must do in the next 2 hours.

I have not had a problem with acting or getting stuff done.

Does this sound like you?

Are you able to be a ‘get things done machine?’

So often, in this scenario, I’m getting stuff done but…

I would eventually end up…


burned out…

spinning my wheels…

working hard but not seeing results…

wondering if anyone out there is paying attention.

Have you been the same way?

Guess what?

You’re not alone.

And this is such a normal way to do business that it has a name…


We bow down to the hustle.

We believe if we are doing all the things ‘required,’ we will eventually be successful.

I’m with you.

I had believed this for ages.

The thing is…

Success doesn’t come from action or achievement.


Because there will never be enough action or achievement.

Success comes first…

From your belief.

How you are thinking is what will determine your success.

Are you thinking things like:

  • I must be invisible. Otherwise I would have lots of people liking me and working with me.
  • No one is paying attention.
  • If I do this one thing, people will buy from me.
  • “This new program is the answer.” When you sign up for a new course.

Or you think…

  • This email is going to be the one that everyone is going to connect with…
  • If I change this one thing I’m doing, as a mom, my kids will start listening to me and the fighting will end.
  • If I could just get this one scripture study program, I would be able to have a regular scripture study.

Have you thought these thoughts?

Me, too.

These thoughts are what are holding you back.

They are all centered in ACTION.

Not in belief.

You must first believe in YOU…

Action will be an unending hamster wheel if you do not practice believing differently.

What if…

  • You BELIEVED everyone was paying attention to you?
  • You BELIEVED you knew exactly the next step every time?
  • You BELIEVED you were the kind of mom your kids listened to?
  • You BELIEVED people are waiting to buy from you, even in the middle of a pandemic?
  • You BELIEVED you were the kind of person who studies their scriptures everyday?
  • You BELIEVED you were someone worth paying attention to you, you would feel and act differently than you do now.

At the very least, you’d begin doing things from a very different energy place.

Your belief starts in your brain.

It takes practice to begin believing differently.

But that practice will change you from the inside out, forever.

To believing and then acting,


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