I Never Used To…

I Never Used To…

I NEVER used to get in front of the camera this much!

In the last year, I have changed on so many levels.
It’s been amazing!

Sometimes, I think we fear change because it brings with it lots of unknowns.

Those unknowns fill us with fear and hesitancy that quickly turns into feeling paralyzed.

We think things like:

•challenging rules I’ve known is going to be scary
•what if I DO become a different person
•what if I become like one of those ladies who leave their husband and the church
•I might get too big for my britches
•people will judge me
•I’ll end up no friends
•someone might call me out

I can’t promise you those things won’t happen.

I will say, you get to choose!

This isn’t anyone else’s hands but yours.

I will also say, it’s possible to become even more of who you’re meant to be AND…

•love your faith and experience it on a deeper level than you have in your life
•develop a relationship with your Heavenly Parents that feels deeply loving, encouraging, and incredible
•stay married and be more in love with your husband than you’ve ever been
•feel sexier…which leads to even more awesome sex
•feel more present and alive in the life you have right now without anyone or anything else changing

It does NOT have to be either/or.

You can be AND!

All of those things you read in the ‘AND list’ are just a snippet of what has happened for me over the last several years.

I can show you how to make your life feel on fire in a way it may not feel at the moment.

I know exactly what is going on and what the next step is.
I had no idea several years ago that I would love doing self portraits like these.

AND love the me I see in them.

Recently, I had someone say to me:

“Whatever is going on with you, I want some of it, too.”

If you’ve been thinking the same thing…

If you’d like to be more confident in your life…

If you’d like to be more comfortable in front of a camera…

If you’d like to love your body more…

If you’d like to feel sexier…

If you’d like to be more present in your life…

If you’d like your faith to be deeper and richer…

Find out what it’s like to have me as your life coach.

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