How To Know If You’re A Genius

How To Know If You’re A Genius


I’ve wanted it. I thought other people had it.

In business, people are always saying, “Find your genius and then do that.”

These kinds of little phrases seem innocuous enough.

For me, I go into a tailspin.

What is my genius? How do I find it? What if I never figure it out.

Does this happen to you, too?

I discovered My Genius in a coaching session I had yesterday.

Immediately, I had to tell all of you who are like me and have worried you would never find your genius.

This is Your Genius…

Those tiny little bits of inspiration you get in the shower?

That’s your genius.

The aha moments you have that seem to come out of nowhere?

Your genius.


I thought my genius was something more, bigger, and…

Elusive and Mysterious.

In fact, my genius shows up pretty much every single day.

To me, this genius is the combination of my gifts, talents brain combined with inspiration from God.

Together, my genius is unstoppable.

And so is yours.

Living in my genius (my gifts + God’s light) is powerful and life changing for me and for the people in my world.

You no longer have to try to “find your genius.”

Your genius is already here.

It’s the little inspirations you get everyday.

Acting on your little ahas = your genius.

Your small and simple acts of genius equal a compound effect of awesomeness.

PS Do you struggle with knowing what your genius is? Or maybe you know what it is but you’re stinkin scared to act on it. I know exactly what’s going on and how to help you.

Sign up for a free discovery call to learn more about how working with me will help you not only get to know your genius but also act on Your Genius, you know is somewhere inside you.


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