How One Of My Clients Is Living Her HECK YEAH Life

How One Of My Clients Is Living Her HECK YEAH Life

So often we dream of what we could do if we could only ‘stop being freaked out about what people might say’ or think ‘I don’t want to do it wrong’ or ‘I don’t know what I’m doing.’

A couple of weeks ago I shared the story of Adrienne Babbitt on my podcast.

(You can hear her story about how coaching with me fueled her to start a business that now literally connects families from throughout the world to language exchange with each other every month.)

I LOVE getting to see magic happen in my client’s life and business!

I also LOVE getting to CELEBRATE my clients as I watch them go on to do more and more AMAZING things!

Adrienne is doing just that!!

She launched her podcast!!! And she has a YouTube Channel, too. (Click the links to check them out).

So much awesomeness. I’m so proud of the way she keeps making things happen!

Adrienne is now telling the amazing stories of families who were building friendships across the globe during the pandemic…

While helping each other learn Spanish and English together at the same time.

I keep seeing the ripples of change in her life.

The thing that’s so cool with every single one of my clients is how caring for themselves, listening to their own voice, doing what matters to them…

It all has an incredible impact on the people in their lives in the best way…

Their gifts, that they’ve stopped hiding or apologizing for, get passed onto sooooo many others.

All because women like Adrienne tap into their inner strength and wisdom, on a whole different level, when we work together.

I’m proud of the results of all of my clients!!

Are you ready to be one of these women in your own, HECK YEAH way?

If you’re ready to stop hiding…

If you want to break free of the struggles you keep returning to…

If you want to be an example of a woman who lives her dreams AND is an amazing mom…

If you want to blow your own mind with your awesomeness so that you can blow your kids minds with their awesomeness…

It’s time to sign up for a Discovery Call.

Your voice needs to be heard too.

PS What dreams do you have that scare you so much you won’t take the first step? I’d like to hear about them. For real, hit reply to this email and spill the beans. 🙂

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