How FEAR eats TIME for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…

How FEAR eats TIME for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…

Do you have a dream you want to pursue that you keep thinking about?

Are you wishing you could lose weight and you’re waiting for the right trigger or inciting incident to make you do it?

Is there some project you know you need to do but you’re still trying to figure it out?

Did you wake up this morning not quite excited about what’s ahead of you so you found other things to do instead?

Me, too!

I’ve done all these things before!

Guess what?!?

Fear loves eating up time.

Fear will eat your time all day long…breakfast, lunch dinner, second breakfast…

All of it.

Fear loves it when you wait.

Fear loves it when you try to figure something out.

Fear loves it when you find other things to do.


Because it takes TIME!

When fear can eat up your time it means you don’t have to do the scary thing.

It feels okay to not move forward.

It feels okay to wait.

It feels okay to think and research.

Who wants to feel okay?

Not me!

I’d rather feel scared than feel milk-toast-okay.

To wait…

It’s not the right thing.




Stop waiting.

Do the first step of your dream.

Get off the couch and move.

Even if it’s 5 jumping jacks.

Stop figuring out and start acting.

You’re not excited about what you have ahead of you today?

So what?




Confidence increases when we tell ourselves we are going to take action and then we take action.

Please stop waiting.

Today is the day you start acting.

What you have to give to the world matters.

Give it today.

The more you do, the more you’ll know who you are and how you want to show up in the world.

The more you show up the more lucky you get.

To showing up every single day for the luck,


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