Heck Yeah

Heck Yeah

It took several iterations to get to this HECK YEAH outfit! 

It’s date night.
I’ve learned if it’s not a HECK YEAH then it’s a no.
In life.
What I wear.
My business.
All of it.
Everything isn’t a HECK YEAH straight out of the gate.
It took me several tweaks, changing clothes, shoes, jewelry to get to this HECK YEAH outfit
(wish I would have taken pics of each outfit it took to get to this one…next time)
This principle is true in every other area of our life.
Keep trying until you get to the HECK YEAH.
Don’t give up.
I’m so glad I kept going…
Changing my shoes.
Then changing my shirt.
Next, changing my pants.
Each time getting closer…
But not quite there.
I didn’t settle and say…
“Oh well, that’s good enough.”
“I’ll never figure it out, I’ll just wear this.”
I kept going.


 or the HECK YEAH was waiting for me.
Now, I feel amazing!!
Did my brain try to tell me stuff after I looked in the mirror and said
“HECK YEAH” to myself about this outfit?
My brain offered up…
“It’s practically summer. No one wears all black in summer.”
“Really!?! Purple velvet boots instead of sandals?”
To that, I said to my brain:
“Those are all rules people made up.
I get to make my own rules.
I love this outfit.
I’m wearing it.”
Now, I’m out the door on a date with Hot Guy.
Feeling Iconic.
This wasn’t always the case for me.
I kept settling.
Not knowing how to even get to get to a HECK YEAH I’m an outfit
Or in my business.
In so many areas of our lives we settle.
It’s not too late.
I’m 50 years old.
It’s time for a more HECK YEAH life.
Where are you settling in your life? Business? Clothes? Or anything else?
What rules are you living by, on default?
What could you stop giving up on and start tweaking and trying until you get to a HECK YEAH?
Are you wearing a HECK YEAH outfit? I want to see it!
If you’re not living the HECK YEAH life you want to be living, I can help you. Message me. 

I have a Free Warrior Women Quote Kit for you and you could talk to me for free in a discovery call!

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