Have You Ever?

Have You Ever?

My kids love the game “Have You Ever?”

You put your hands up. Each finger counts.

Going around the circle you say…

Have you ever flown in a hot air balloon?

Or some other thing you’ve done that you think other people may not have done.

If you’ve done the thing, you keep your fingers up. If you haven’t, you put a finger down.

The person with the most fingers up at the end…wins!

I want to have all of my fingers up because that means I’ve tried, I’ve done things, I’ve risked…

This year…

I signed up to certify in TWO coaching programs!

Crazy, right?

One of my coach certification classes started back in January.

Almost 500 pieces of homework. Hundreds and hundreds of hours of work.

All of this, in addition to keeping my promise to myself of publishing every weekday on my podcast and this weekly email…

Getting Warrior women ready for launch! Woot! Woot!

And keeping up with my OTHER coach certification class.

How am I doing it all, you ask?

The long and winding road is detailed in my podcast episodes.

The short version:

I’m doing things I once thought were impossible.

Almost two years ago, I had a vision of who God knew I could be…

In that moment, I saw where I was…

Then, I saw what was possible for me…WHO I could be.

There was a gap between here and there but…

Almost immediately, I experienced an amazing expansive, powerful, yirah-type feeling of:

“You can totally bridge that gap. Together we will totally make it happen.”

I knew what it meant…

Yoked with Christ, in ways I hadn’t before imagined, I would be able to do things I hadn’t thought possible…

And I AM doing things I didn’t think I could do…

Things I hadn’t even dreamed of 18 months ago! Or ever!

It’s been amazing!


Back to my coach certification requirements…

The kicker to coach certification and graduation this past weekend was you had to…

Do a Spartan Race.

Have you heard of a Spartan Race? I hadn’t.

I heard the word ‘race’ and thought…

That’s not my thing.

The Spartan Race: 20 Obstacles in a 5k distance.

Obstacles meaning things like:
•Walls to climb, some on a reverse incline, some way taller than me
•Monkey bars for a grown man’s reach and hands
•Carrying an atlas ball
•Wading into a freezing lake
•Sloshing through mud up to your waist in a dark viaduct
•Climbing a rope
•Throwing a spear
•Lugging sandbags up a hill
•Pulling a 50-100 bag sandbag up 50 feet to a cowbell
•Carrying 5 gallon containers of rocks up to a tree and back down
•Climbing hills in two feet of mud
•Crawling under 50 yards of barbed wire…

In the rain.

First of all…

I’m have not thought of myself as a runner.

I like to sprint, if I run at all.

They said you could do something the equivalent for you. I was opting for that.

Then I switched.

I thought: What the heck? Why not?

I’ll do the Spartan Race.

For 18 months I had worked out. Done strength training, walked, sprinted.

I hoped for the best. I heard it was super hard.

I decided I would at least attempt every obstacle.

I did 17 of 20 obstacles and helped people who didn’t think they could do an obstacle.

I only had to do three sets of burpees (what you do if you don’t complete an obstacle).

Guess what?!?

It was so much stinkin fun!! I loved it!!

(I’m planning to signup for the one here in Charlotte in April.)

I never would have known I loved Spartan Races and overcoming obstacles or how I could own the monkey bars, that my hands couldn’t even go around.

At the race I saw another woman with a shirt on that said:


I said to my friend Brooke, I need one of those.

That’s the best part.

Never in my life have I thought of myself as an athlete.

Other people were athletes.

I am an athlete!

What limiting beliefs do you have about yourself? What things do you believe are not your thing so you haven’t even tried them?

We are so much more than we believe we are, we can do so much more than we believe we can…

What will you stop believing about yourself in 2020?

What impossible things are you ready to make happen?

I ranked 17th out of my age group at the Spartan Race!

What?!? That’s crazy and so unexpected and incredible!

And something I thought was impossible!

This year, in 2020, my goal…

To be in the top 10 of my age group.

I keep wondering if it would be weird to wear my Spartan Race ‘FINISHER’ t-shirt everywhere, just so people can ask me about it and I can say:


Is there something you think you can’t do or be???

Guess what?!?!

You can do and be it! Do it. TODAY!! Get started. You will blow your own mind and be so proud of yourself.

That’s like me! I blew my own mind! I’m so proud of myself!

Guess what else?!?

YOU can blow your own mind and be so proud of yourself!!

Ten years ago I would have never thought I could rank AT ALL in a race.

I never would have thought I could do as much as I’ve done this year.

I’m here to tell you…

You can DO and BE so much more than you are currently believing!!

What if EVERYONE in the world was showing up doing more than they thought possible????

Wouldn’t that be amazing?!?!

It starts with YOU and Me!

You are capable of things you currently believe are impossible.

Going for the impossible is way more fun than staying where we are.

In the process of going for it, whether we achieve the impossible or not…

We become more.

We become a new, more real, incredibly awesome, version of ourselves.

The truth of who we are waits for us in the impossible.

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