Getting a life

Getting a life

I’m an all-in kind of person.

Maybe you are, too.

This podcast and website? I’ve been all in. I announced I wanted to create my podcast. And I did.

Creating my podcast began an entire new project. For months I’ve been working to get this huge vision I now have out into the world.

It’s meant working through weekends, seven days a week.

Every week when Friday arrives I tell myself I’m so close to launching. I just need a couple more days. So I work on Saturday. And then I work on Sunday.

These are things I don’t believe in doing.

I work late into the evening.

I don’t believe in doing that either.

I’ve done it anyway. Convinced I’m so close to launching.

Launching a podcast? Not that involved.
Creating an entirely new website? Very involved.

Fun? Yes! But a very long process.

Yesterday, I woke up. I wrote.

I taught seminary.

I came home and knew I didn’t have it in me to work another second.

For two months, I’ve worked every day in some way on my website or podcast. With no breaks.

Always working through the resistance that would come trying to convince me that other things were more important.

Truth be told, my podcast has been done for over a month. It’s been ready for launch. I’ve been super excited about it.

And yet. I haven’t launched it because my new site isn’t ready.

Yesterday, I knew I needed a break. I needed perspective.

The constant working was giving me tunnel vision and making me a one dimensional person. A person that thought only about working, typing, and ideas for her business.

This is not the type of person I want to be.

Disciplined? yes. Crazy? no.

I took the day off. It was wonderful.

It reminded me that Heavenly Father has given us the Sabbath for a reason.

Rest is good. A break is good.

Time to think about other things is good. For an entire 24 hours.

Even though time with him everyday is good, studies show a weekly Sabbath is a rebuilder of the mind and body.

It’s actually inspired and necessary.

Otherwise, you begin to experience diminishing returns on all your efforts and work.

That’s where I was at. Diminishing returns.

I was working so much every single day, it was beginning to seem as though I was moving backward instead of forward.

Heavenly Father knows what he’s doing by telling us we need a break from the world and life and work every week.

I’ve known that but sometimes, I get so excited and all in on a project I don’t want to quit. I throw myself into it completely and totally.

This is what life looks like when we try to go it alone, on our own strength, believing by our own power we can do anything.

The truth is, when I follow God’s suggestions I’m going the path with him. By following his truth I am yoked with him. My burdens are lightened. I’m able to do more!

That’s the way he works. He enlivens and empowers us and strengthens us. When we listen to him and do what he asks we get more in shorter time. We don’t have to work as hard or as long.

I forgot that. For two months, I forgot how much he wants to help me and that I don’t have to do this work alone. How awesome is that?

I can live a full and fun life and don’t have to be consumed by one thing.

When we are consumed by one thing we become a little boring. A little too focused. A little too much of a workaholic. A little bit talking too much about one thing.

There’s more to life than work. Even when it’s fun!

Play a little. Turn up the music. Dance. Take a break. Don’t work on the weekend. Shut everything down at 5pm. No matter who you are.

And especially if you’re an entrepreneur.

Your business will be there when you get back. We know that better than anyone else.

It’s always there.

It’s okay to leave it. It doesn’t need a babysitter.

You need a life, though.

To getting a life,


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