Five words

Five words

A couple of years ago we got in a car accident on a bridge on the way to a photo shoot.

We were on a cross country trip and it was our first day.

The van we were in was rear-ended.

As soon as it happened, I said, “It will all be okay. It will all work out.” To everyone in the car.

I used to worry all the time.

I thought my worry was useful.

I thought it kept bad things from happening.

Someone needed to worry.

I took the job.

Which gave me terrible headaches.

But I was willing to take one for the team.

The truth was, my worry was no good.

It didn’t help anything…

Except give me headaches.

That accident on the bridge?

Everything did work out!

We had rented the van that got crashed into and we got a better van!

And I made it on time to my photo shoot!

The result…

No stress. No headaches.

Less fear. More fun.

Worrying wouldn’t have helped anything.

Are you worrying about something?

What if you gave it up?

In Warrior Women 21 Day Challenge you totally get to hack your brain to stop worrying and get tools to help your life on every level.

The Warrior Women in the challenge have experienced better relationships with their spouses, understood their thoughts so they can stop comparing and feeling like they aren’t enough, become more patient, done powerful things with their families and in their businesses they never had before.

To letting go of worry,


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