Five Days of Insight

Five Days of Insight

This Sunday I’m giving a talk in church. It’s Easter. No pressure.

I’ve been thinking and praying about what the Lord wants me to share.

My mind keeps coming back to repentance.

Not typically everyone’s favorite topic but…

It’s the one way we can access the deepest power of Jesus’s atonement everyday.

Have you heard that phrase ‘access the power of Christ’s atonement everyday’?

Have you wanted to know what that means? How you can do it, too?

I have, too.

The answer is repentance. (I’ll tell you how I figured that out in my next podcast episode).

Were you hoping for a different answer?

I know. I used to hope it was a different answer, too.

I had ideas about repentance that made me think things like…

Repentance is scary. It’s a long process. It’s a punishment. I’m going to have to feel really bad about myself. Forgiveness takes a long time. I’m going to be miserable.

Repentance is not scary. Forgiveness is immediate. Repentance is a gift.

Sin, discouragement, living less than we know we could be…those feel bad. Repentance makes you feel better. Repentance is liberating.

Needing to repent does not make us bad or unworthy. It does not mean there is something wrong with us.

Needing to repent does mean we are human. And that humanness is a gift given to us to help us stay connected with God.

There is nothing Heavenly Father wants us to do more.

Why? Because repentance puts us back in connection with Him.

Do you feel disconnected when your thoughts are depressing?

It’s because we’ve become disconnected with the source of our power.

When we repent our hearts become aligned with Him, again. And then when Heavenly Father is showering blessings down on us, we are able to see them and feel them again.

It’s the thing that heals our hearts, opens us up to inspiration, purifies our intentions, and changes the way we see ourselves, God, and that world.

Want to try it together?

Repent everyday for the next five days.

If you’re not sure what to repent of, ask Heavenly Father to show you, to open your eyes.

It’s a small thing. It’s doable. I know it seems big in the moment.

Practicing helps.

When I repent it usually sounds something like this: I’m sorry I doubted. My thoughts got heading in a direction of doubt and worry. I want to stop the downward spiral. Please forgive me for forgetting to trust that you are in the details of my life.

Immediately, I feel the burden lifted. Immediately, I feel Heavenly Father is near me.

Sometimes, I have an immediate inspiration about what is next. I almost always feel peace. Sometimes, I finally feel liberated, freed from the thoughts that have kept me thinking small and fearful.

Repenting is a practice.

Repenting everyday for five days will keep the fear and doubt and crazy thoughts more at bay. Repenting everyday for five days will help you to see more clearly. You’ll feel more healing.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if every single person in our families repented every day for 5 days?

What about every single person in the world? What if we all repented everyday for five days? What would it change? What would the world look like?

If everyone began to feel healed immediately. If we all were operating based on inspiration straight from God.

If we all had more pure intentions. If we saw ourselves differently, the way God sees us…with more clarity.

More compassionate truth.

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

It starts with you and me repenting for five days. We will see more clearly.

We can make that difference. We can start something in our own lives.

Repent everyday for five days. See more clearly.

See what happens. It’s a small and simple thing.

God does great things with the small and simple.

Five days to clear sight.

To the awesomeness of repenting,


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