Fifty/Fifty (50/50)

Fifty/Fifty (50/50)

I’m sitting here on our sofa.

Books piled next to me.

big exciting next step for Warrior Women to create.


I’m a little sad.

Not about the next exciting step but because…

Our house is quieter than it has been in years past.

Usually, during something like this (I say that like it happens all the time…totally doesn’t)…

What I mean is…

If this were to have happened last year…

It would have felt so much different.

Forts would have been built.

Movie marathons would have happened.

We probably would have thrown out the schedules and ignored the school work.


We are disciplined.

Staying on schedule.

Making progress.

Working out everyday.

We are here at our house…




Everyone else is still out West…




We are all in isolation, except in very different locations.

There’s a lot of Facetime-ing.

All day we all work.

Grace has e-learning that feels like it takes forever to complete.

What seems like it should have been a snow day=party time experience…

Is really…

Let’s get down to business.

After 10 days, we’ve gotten most of it figured out.

Today, I’m writing.

Because today is the day to write.

At your house maybe it’s different…

Maybe it’s mayhem and loudness all the time.

Kids in your face.

No time for yourself.

You feel burned out(( by the time dinner time arrives or maybe within 10 minutes of waking up each morning.

I’ve mentioned in past emails…

We experience 50 percent negative emotion and 50 percent positive emotion all the time.

It’s the way life is set up.


You may be thinking you’re experiencing 100 negative emotion right now.

What’s really happening is this…

You’re giving the 50% negative emotion 100% air time.

What if you gave each side 50%?

What if you gave the 50% negative emotion 50% air time?


The 50% positive emotion 50% air time?

How would your life look?

What would happen to you?

Your day?

I promise you….

There’s good stuff happening.

Just like there’s good stuff happening at my house.

There is good stuff happening at your house, too.

You may be looking at my house and thinking…

Oh! What I would give for a quiet house!

And maybe I’m looking at your house…

With all the energy and craziness and thinking how fun that would be.

What if we both experimented with 50% air time for the positive stuff?

Here’s some of my 50% today…

  • My kids are healthy.
  •  We have a great home to hang out in.
  • We have clean water.
  • All the utilities are running.
  • The sun just started shining.
  •  We are working out everyday together.
  • Moulin Rouge was the movie of the night last night.
  • I get to work from home which is super awesome.
  • The Warrior Women 21 Day Challenge is totally RAD and…
  • I love every day of it and all the Warrior Women who signed up.
  •  We are getting healthy and going to come out of this isolation totally ripped (thank you Beachbody).
  • Heroic people are working to keep us all protected and help so many in the world right now.

I’d love to hear yours!

I promise you…

You’ve got 50% positives going on at your house, too.

All it needs is some air time.

To allowing the 50% of both sides,


PS How are you doing? I’d love to hear your 50/50.

Please reply to this email and tell me!

PSS ALSO!! Please, join me for the next Warrior Women Challenge on April 20, 2020! It’s so awesome and the perfect way to spend 21+ days in isolation!

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