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Not the two words ANYONE would have used to describe me.
My whole life, I’ve watched those kind of people from afar.
I’ve been jealous…envious of how they could put clothing pieces together.
Then own it.
No matter what anyone else thought, they wore it like they looked incredible.
More than the clothes they wore, I wanted the confidence to pull off whatever I loved and a style I felt was all mine.
I’ve done multiple personality tests, hundreds of prayer meditations and affirmations, many, many intimate conversations with Jesus, and hundreds of hours of coaching, in an effort to own and love myself…
The strength and the weakness.
Every layer that falls away gives life and insight to the next beautiful and sometimes scary layer.
For the past 30 days, I’ve been working with Eyenie to bring the boldness, creativity, and voice on the inside to expression on the outside.
It’s been enlightening work and at times scary work.
I’ve loved it and I’ve been intimidated by it.
Ultimately, I’ve learned things about myself and braved things I never have before.
To some people those things may seem small.
To other people, like me, they shift the ground beneath my feet in the best way…
I know, in the process, something is changing because of how uncomfortable and vulnerable and freaked out I am. 

Once I have a chance to look back I’m amazed.
Remember how I said I wanted to wear more pink a few months ago?
I thought that meant a new shirt…
Occasionally, wearing something pink.
I had no idea I would dress in head to toe pink and feel like…
I’d finally found myself. 

This doesn’t just happen for me.
It’s possible for anyone.
If you’re tired of not knowing exactly who you are, I’ve been there.
I know exactly how to help you. Message me.
I have a Free Warrior Women Quote Kit for you and you could talk to me for free in a discovery call!

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