exhaustion and procrastination: is this you?

exhaustion and procrastination: is this you?

“I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Have you said this to yourself, too?

Tomorrow comes and goes.

“I’ll do it at the start of next week.”

I’ve said this before when it came to…
•getting back on that diet
taking the books back to the library
•the laundry
starting a podcast
cleaning out that junk drawer in the kitchen and…

many other things.

Have you done this, too?

I’m right there with you.

Did you know that procrastination is exhausting?

If you’re like me, you probably hadn’t made this connection before.

But it’s true.

Every time we put something off, we have to keep thinking about it.

The more we think about it the more exhausted we get mentally.

Then it makes us physically exhausted, too.

I’ve seen this happen with so many teenagers during the months of quarantine

They knew they needed to do the homework…

Watch the recording…

Do the project…



“I’ll do it tomorrow,” they said.

“Mom, I’ve already promised myself I’m going to get to all of it at the beginning of the week.” they said…

And then…

Every time they said these sentences their voice would sound more exhausted…

More defeated.

Until every time you had ‘The Conversation…’

Their body flopped around like they had zero energy.

You can relate to this, can’t you?

Me, too.

How do you avoid procrastination and exhaustion?

Notice what you’re saying.

Catch yourself.

Notice how it feels in your body.

Do you want to keep this feeling? This thought?

Tell yourself a new story.


Take action.

The procrastination and exhaustion will end.

Energy returns.

As soon as you catch your thought…

Everything changes.

We are exploring this idea in the Warrior Women 21 Day Challenge in our brain hacking week.

Join the next round with us

To the Warrior Woman in you,


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