Episode 90: The Power of Taking Selfies

Episode 90: The Power of Taking Selfies

I got to be on Lydia Feldman’s podcast talking about: The Power of Taking Selfies!

If you do not know Lydia, once you listen to this podcast episode, you are going to want to follow her and be her bestie.

She’s effervescent, vibrant, straight talking, real, fierce, and fearless all while being relatable and ICONIC at the same time.

I highly recommend signing up for her next Pleasure Salon: Elemental Courtesan.

Lydia’s words from this podcast episode conversation:

Selfie Siren with Davina Fear!

Y'all ready to break the internet (and your brain) with some LIT, sexy, powerful images of yourself?

BY yourself?

Selfie "culture" ala the instafamous-influencers and Kardashians gets a bad rap....

BUT what if you allowed the time and pleasure to capture radiant photos on your PHONE could change your life?

Your self-concept
Your confidence
Your creativity
Your self-trust
You sexy relationship to SELF.

Listen to our conversation and learn a few great tips on creating a powerful Selfie Session~

Set up
and getting ready mentally!

Get to know Lydia Feldman:

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