Episode 85: The Purpose of Feelings

Episode 85: The Purpose of Feelings

Maybe you’re disappointed…

In you.

In the way you’re showing up.

In who you are being.

Knowing what you’ve been thinking, feeling, doing or NOT thinking, feeling, doing…

It makes you want to:

Be hard on yourself…

Beat yourself up…

Say a few mean things to yourself.

You and me…

We are human.

Our brains do this.

They think they are helping.

The truth is…

What really helps, is this…

Notice you’ve been judging yourself.

Thinking unhelpful or unkind or unloving thoughts about you or maybe about someone else.


You’re not alone. I have totally done this! Many times!!

I realize I’m judging someone else or myself.

I feel terrible.

I think things like: why you gotta be like that?

In no time, I’m piling shame on myself.

And then I want to stop so I tell myself:

I’m going to think something nice about them…

Or about me.

If you try to jump to all the positives right away, too, I invite you to pause right there.


Before you start trying to think of something nice and positive and upbeat to say or do…


Tell yourself:

Of course, you’re thinking unkind things about yourself.

You’re not showing up the way you want to show up.

I love you anyway.

I know it can be scary to compare yourself.

I know you don’t want to do it.

I love you and I’m here for you.

You don’t have to beat yourself up about it.

I know you.

I love you.

All the parts of you.

The parts that get jealous

And the parts that are confident.

You don’t have to be unkind to yourself to be loveable.

I love you in your struggles and in your triumphs.

I’m here for you.

I’ll always have your back.

I understand where you’re at right now

And I love you.

You’ve got this.

Next time you start to beat yourself up, before you jump to trying to be a better person right away…

Experiment with loving yourself

Even when you feel a mess.

Notice what happens.

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