Episode 64: Self Sabotage vs Support

Episode 64: Self Sabotage vs Support

Our thoughts are very powerful.

I’ve heard people talk about self sabotage and haven’t loved the term because it seems like we are in a fight against ourselves in a battle we can’t win.

Recently, I looked at my thoughts from this perspective and saw something very new, helpful, and eye opening.

Today, I’m sharing a whole new way to look at and categorize your thoughts that may change your mornings the way it did mine.


The God Who Weeps by Fiona and Terryl Givens

James Clear

Baz Luhrman- Strictly Ballroom

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  1. I felt so much better after listening to your podcast on self sabotage vs support.
    Thanks ❤

    1. Hello Ty, I’m so glad! Thank you for taking a moment to let me know. I appreciate hearing what resonates with you. You are awesome!

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