Episode 3: It’s Your Thoughts

Episode 3: It’s Your Thoughts

Wondering how to feel better? Begin with your thoughts. Do you sometimes feel like your stressed or frustrated feelings take over and you’re not sure of how to get past them? Longing to get back to being the you that’s inside you? This episode will be very powerful for you. Ready for your confidence call? Sign up at lifewithdavina.com/call The post Ep. 3: It’s Your Thoughts first appeared on Life With Davina.

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  1. Debby Silver

    Thank you for your focus on the spiritual aspect of our thoughts and choices. I like that you give examples of your life and others lives to help us relate to how we create our own thoughts and choices. I also like having questions to ponder, and strive to do in my own way to become better. Thank you for your natural ability to teach us through your years of experience, study, and doing these things yourself to become who you are!!
    Debby Silver

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