Episode 26: How To Treat Yourself

Episode 26: How To Treat Yourself

How do you talk to yourself?

Do you say, “You rock! I’m so proud of you!”

What do you give yourself credit for?

Do you say, “You worked hard today. I can tell you were giving it 100%. That is so like you! You are awesome!”


You are not alone! I didn’t talk nicely to myself either.

(In fact, there are days when it can still be challenging.)

For most of my life I had not talked kindly to myself.

I didn’t even know that it was a thing to talk nicely to yourself.

What I actually thought was…

believing those things about myself would be totally bragging, pride beyond acceptability, and downright wrong.

Have you believed this, too?

Have you believed this kind of thinking is…

A complete lack of humility?

I would depend on other people to help me know what to think about myself.


was super NOT dependable.

What I learned is…

Talking kindly to yourself is so much different than pride.

You deserve kindness from yourself.

You are a miracle.

We, you and me…every one of us, is a miracle of the grandest proportions.

We are children of Heavenly Father which means His DNA is within us.

Let’s talk about that awesomeness today…



DOWNLOAD FREE ‘Be Kind To Yourself’ kit. It’s a great collection of quotes to remind you of who you are along with some questions to ask yourself.

Twelve Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan Peterson

Five Second Rule by Mel Robbins

Street Sweeper by Martin Luther King, Jr.

Cheerfully Doing Hard Stuff on The Davina Podcast

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  1. Hi
    Just to let you know I am terrible at communicating my thoughts. But I did want to let you know this was very inspiring. I struggle everyday to know who I am. Somewhere along my journey I have lost myself. I have no idea what makes me happy. What I want to do with the rest of my life. I feel like such a failure. I can’t look back and see anything to be proud of other than my children who are awesome and I can’t take any credit for that. i feel like they have become the wonderful people they are despite my influence. I really felt you hit the nail on the head in the way I treat myself. Giving into and indulging myself. I would like to change but I have tried and failed so many times. I think most of the time I just give up because I fear i will fail so if I just don’t try then I won’t fail.
    I don’t want you to think I sitting around all the time and feel sorry for myself. I do try to put on a happy face and enjoy serving others and when I do it makes me feel better. It would be great if I had a rocket to blast me out of bed each morning … but I realize that is something I have to be willing to do for myself and hopefully I will .

    1. Hello Gwen, thank you so much for writing to me. So sorry I’m just now seeing your note! I’m so glad this episode was so inspiring to you. It can be challenging to begin to think new thoughts about ourselves. It takes lots of practice to let go of the beliefs and ideas we have had for sometimes decades of our lives. Have you gotten to listen to episode three, “It’s Your Thoughts”? Or considered joining The Warrior Women 21 Day Challenge? The challenge is super fun and we totally talk about all the things you listed here in what you’ve shared. You are loved!

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