Do you know what a plethora is?

Do you know what a plethora is?

I have sooooo much to do!!!

How am I going to fit everything in???

Can you hear my desperate need for TIME in those sentences?

Have you said them, too?

As you already know, time and money are the two things I have tended toward scarcity in the past.

Everyday, I’m getting better and better and believing there is plenty of both.

Lots! A plethora.


Recently, I was getting bogged down in the many things I wanted to accomplish, feeling like time was limited.

We believe if we could just get the right time management principles and practices in place everything would be fixed.

You would be fixed.

You wouldn’t be on this time treadmill anymore of not having enough time.

Guess what?

When we worry about things, we are living in the future.

Our THOUGHTS are what are keeping us from having enough time.

Our thoughts are putting us in the future.

We are making ourselves miserable now and later…

With our thoughts.

Not with our time.

We are not present in our own mind.

We make it mean our calendar isn’t right.

When really…

It’s our brain…

Our thoughts that are making us miserable.

In these moments…

I was not being present.

I was believing my calendar and my schedule were making me miserable…


But really, it was my thoughts about my time which were making me miserable.

Knowing it was my thoughts and not my schedule or my calendar was freeing.

It meant I had the power to change how I felt.

I could let go of the desperate feelings…

The scarcity and the lack…

By changing my thoughts.

Here’s what I did, once I recognized what I was doing…

To get out of my future focused brain and into the present, I said to myself:

Hey, Davina!

Thank you for spending the time to work out today. I’m grateful you’re taking care of this body.

I love working out.

I feel great.

And everyday I see myself in the mirror I’m reminded of how committed you are being.

Later in the day, I said:

Hey Davina!

This is so fun! I love getting to record these podcasts. They are a highlight of my week. It’s cool to get to reach people around the world.

These messages are so important. They’ve changed your life.

How awesome is it to be able share? I love this opportunity.

Will you keep doing this, please?

I answered myself, Of course!

And then I did a fist pump and said, YES!!


I know this may sound silly and hokey but it totally works!

What we tell ourselves matters!

When we ask ourselves if we will keep doing these awesome, great things in our lives, our brain wants to answer!

Remind yourself, if you’re ready to believe it:

(because you need to believe it for it to have power)

You love what you’re doing.

You chose it.

No one is holding a gun to your head.

If you don’t love it.


You get to choose.

Am I right?

Did you said, YES!

Often, we go through life believing we have to do things.

You know what?

We don’t HAVE to do anything.

You don’t HAVE to drive your kids to school.

You don’t HAVE to make dinner.

You don’t HAVE to work in your business.

You don’t HAVE to take a shower.

The only thing you need to do is breathe….

And drink some water.

Everything else….

That’s all a choice, Davina.

A choice.

Become aware of your choices.

Know that you’re choosing them.

Enjoy them.

Or not.

You choose.

For me, giving myself a pass and saying I don’t HAVE to DO anything gets me in a different head space.

Getting present and talking to myself about WHY I love what I’m doing right now…

It’s a game-changer for how I see me, my, life and my plethora of time to do fun stuff I love.

To our plethora of time,


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