Did you change the world today?

Did you change the world today?

Does this feel like a loaded question?

In our society today, everyone talks about changing the world.

It seems like revolutionary acts of sweeping magnitude are what everyone wants to do...

what you’re expected to do if you’re going to change the world…

Something big and dramatic

Epic acts of kindness or innovation or giving or passion or championing or protesting.

There’s a song from my childhood, the lyrics go, “Kindness begins with me.”

Little things begin with me whether it has to do with kindness, innovation, giving, championing, or world changing.

It starts inside me.

As in, kindness begins with me being kind to me.

Changing the world starts with me believing the world has already changed because…

I am in it.

It begins with me believing I matter.

Believing the day I was born, the world changed.

Once I know that, other people matter to me.

Nothing has to change for me to be amazing.

I’m human. I’m alive. God made me.

I matter because of that.

In that moment and every moment, every day.

I am valuable as I am.

If I can change the way I see myself, I will change my world.

That small change will have ripples through out our society and the world that can’t be measured.

The same is true for you.

For every one of us…

That I exist, that you exist, is a completely and totally, incredibly awesome miracle.

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To you being born and changing the world in that moment,


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